Smart. Convenient. Easy.

Introducing a convenient, smarter way to lock your bike.

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LoopLock is smart. It helps you get moving faster without messing with keys or complex combinations.

Bluetooth 4.0

LoopLock communicates with your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy.


Swipe to unlock or setup a proximity based key. Think of it as keyless entry for you bike.


Locking LoopLock saves your bicycle’s location. Don’t worry about where you left it.

So Smart.

LoopLock has the most advanced technology packed in a beautiful form.

Stainless Steel

Heat treating our steel adds security and durability. We also ensure our materials can handle the elements and perform under stress.

Fixed Style

Since LoopLock is installed on the bicycle, it is always with you. There is no need to worry about carrying a lock.

Solar Power

Solar technology keeps LoopLock running without the need for plugging it in. Because it is so efficient, it works even in ambient light.

Wheel Lock

A forged steel bolt fits through the bike spoke, rendering the bike immobile when the lock is engaged.

App Features

Coming soon to iOS and Android…


LoopLock can be set to unlock with a swipe or based on your proximity. It doesn’t get any easier than just walking up.

Energy Analysis

Understand how LoopLock is using power. The app provides visual feedback and tips to maximize solar charging.


The app makes it easy to share your bicycle with friends. In a few quick taps, send your bike location and a temporary key.


Good Design Is Innovative.
Good Design Makes a Product Useful.
Good Design Is Unobtrusive.

-Dieter Rams

Beautiful & Modern

LoopLock balances the demands of modern technology in an attractive, compact form.


Forget the need to carry a heavy or bulky lock. LoopLock is always with you. In few seconds you are unlocked and on your way.